Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster applied to various surfaces typcially walls or columns. This can be applied in various types and textures.

The following Venetian Plasters are available:

  • fresconovo
  • mantovano
  • calcenova
  • romano
  • prontomuro S
  • traverino

There are many more Plaster's available. Please see the Gallery Sections for more information and samples of each.

Italian Plaster Artwork

Not quite ready for a complete wall makeover? Then let Jan's Creative Finishes create a one of a kind artwork piece of Venetian Plaster and Fresco Paint. Various stencils to choose from in a almost limitless selection of colors.

Speciality Design Applications

This is where a custom design application comes in. Let Jan's Creative Finishes create a one-of-a-kind art piece using stencils, Modello's, Italian Plaster, or any combination.

Fine Art

Want a tradition art piece? Let Jan's Creative Finishes create a masterpiece using watercolors, oils, or colored pencil in whatever design you would like.

Concrete Staining

Let Jan's Creative Finishes create a work on art using Concrete Staining.